why has she dumped me :(?

Question by webbster: why has she dumped me :(?
i was with my gf for nearly 3 months, we were in a long distance relationship but we spoke and met up as often as we possibly could

and 2 days ago we was fine and happy and joking around and had no problems in the world, and then yesterday she wouldnt answer her fone so i went on msn and first thing she said was…”im sorry” and i was like “for what?” and she said “its not gonna work, i cant be in a long distance relationship” and i asked why is it that you randomly decided this after nearly a month and she just said she been thinking about it for a while and couldnt be in a long distance relationship, which is odd because we had a meet up date for sunday that she was so excited about 🙁

and then we got abit worked up over the fone and she said “ok you wanna know why i dumped you? i dumped you because im going out tomorow night and i have a feeling im gonna cheat on you and i thought its better i end it before anything happens” and i went mad at her saying what a selfish bitchy comment that was and she then changed her story back to “i dont wanna be in a long distance relationship” and never mentioned the cheating comment agn since

i have tried hard not to lose her, i called her telling her i love her and asked her if she loved me last night and she told me she still loves me before bursting into tears and i told her we can fix it then and she told me we couldnt she dont want a long distance, and i kept trying to convice her but it seemed like she had made her mind up and nothing was gonna change it

i have tried to call her and text her all day and she hasnt replyed and i begged her to answer saying it was hurting so much, but she just switched her fone off

how can we go from happy 2 days ago, to her wanting to get rid of me next day :(, i cant help but think someone might of got her to dump me, becuase as soon as she dumped me she didnt wanna hear my voice at all like it was gonna change her mind

i have questioned how she could love me but be doing this? and why she dont mind me feeling crap while she just switches her fone off

whats going on? i think i offically lost her but i dont know why 🙁

i always knew she hated the distance as much as i did, but 2 days ago she was telling me how great it will be sunday and yesterday she was trying her hardest to say goodbye to me :(, like i had to **** off as fast as possible

im so gutted and heading towards a break down

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Answer by Kelly K
yes long distance relationships are hard work but if both partners are willing to do it, it CAN work. no offence, but if your girlfriend called you and said she wants to break up because she may cheat on you the next night at a party, thats not the type of girlfriend you want.

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17 thoughts on “why has she dumped me :(?”

  1. She’s already cheating on you. Or she just doesn’t want to be with you. Sounds like you are better off. Find someone who WANTS to be with you and move on.

  2. I think it’s because of the long distance relationship thing. Or maybe theres another guy or something. I dont know i think it’ skinda weird, but girls change their minds a lot

  3. dude im sorry but shes just not that into you or shes into another guy more or you could be lucky and she could be PMSing but i doubt it just move on there are plenty of more girls out there for you just don’t go looking the best way is to let things ahppen when you least expect it

  4. im sorry to have to say this, but shit happens to great guys who try their best. a couple years ago my girlfriend changed to a dif school and she broke up with me :P. she still cares for you but she knows that it isnt going to work in the long run cus msn and the phone only go so far and is just tryin to kill the hurt before it grows

  5. The better question is why are you letting her hurt you like this? I can almost guarantee that if you were to break off all communication with her and she realized you had moved on, she would be back trying to get with you. People grow apart all the time, especially if they are apart. You will each continue growing but it won’t be in the same direction if you are apart all the time. My guess is she really isn’t the same girl you fell for. And maybe it is time to just move on. Give yourself time to grieve so you don’t get caught on the rebound, and then do what makes you happy.

  6. lol umm u no dat long distanse relayshinships dunt rly wrk out…
    haha lol u go hve a 1 nite stand =] itlll help…
    trust me…

  7. Long distance relationships aren’t for everybody, in fact they seldom work. Yes, she may love you but she is lonely where she is and she needs companionship. She was probably being honest with you when she said she was going out with someone and will probably cheat on you. In fact, she may have already cheated on you. She still loves you probably, but she just cannot handle this long distance thing, so let her go. I know it’s tough and it’s going to hurt, but it will be better for the both of you. My best friend is currently going through the same thing and his girlfriend is also trying to break it off but then texts him that she loves him and misses him.

    Take a break. If it was meant to be you guys can still get together later. Meantime date other people and see if she really is THE one. It’ll be fine.

  8. Dude are you seriously asking this, its ovious why she dumped your ass you are to posesive and didnt listen to your girl.

    If you did she would have ended it long ago
    Or if u where a man you would do the right thing

    It’s wrong to let a girl suffer,
    So don’t give this BS.

    Take a long hard look at what you did over these 3 months and learn from it and never contact her again

  9. Hey I am kinda in the same situatuation and im still in my relationship, but its all about what people can take, trust me you do not want to fall in deep then she cheats on you because that is going to be a worse feeling.

  10. I know that it can be hard especially when you love her i assume. The best thing you can do is give her space to think about it. If she feels it is the best thing to do and you love her think that way too. I know it is hard to move on, but in this case if she wants to move on you might need to as well. Long distance relationships are hard as well because there could be something going on with her that you may not know about which may be hard to say via long distance.

    I really hope this can somehow be resolved for you, just remember to give her space to think about it all.

  11. You can’t be so hard on yourslef it was a 3 MONTH realationship. And do you really know if you love some one after that long? I really think it could happen but honestly you have sen her what like 10 times? Thats nothing compared to me seeing my boyfriend everyday or almost everyday.
    I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years I have been through everything with him and if I lost him it would be hard but if he was 100s of miles away from me I think it would of only lasted 3 months as well. There is something about being able to hold each other and talk face to face that over the phone you can’t do.

    Hse could of always just said those things to you to make you feel like you were a great guy when really she already had like 4 other boyfriends I mean you never know.

    And about the cheating thing she probably already cheated and just can’t face you knowing what she did. You just have to know there is not much you can do about it now but move on. Find a hot chick and hang out with her it will make you froget the stupid girl who dumped you. Not trying to be mean but you have to think to yourself that you are better then what you are doing to yourself. Be happy do what she doesn’t expect… MOVE ON!!!

  12. I know your pain bro. I feel that in your situation with her it comes down to that her feelings had been changing for awhile. Typically from what I’ve experienced when girls feelings about you start to change in a negative way they will not tell you when it starts to happen. They’ll wait until they know for sure how they really feel and what they wanna do. And then at that point is when they lay it on you, strong in their decision and you have no chance of changing their mind. It really sucks and I feel for you dude. Best thing to do is let it go over time. May not be soon, but you will find another. And when it comes to long distance that should not be an excuse. Yes, some people can handle them, some can’t. When you love someone, really love them it can overcome any problems. If it makes you feel any better man, think of it this way. Unless you never get married, there is someone out there for you right now. You may already know her, you may not. But the fact is she’s out there right now and it’s only a matter of time before you know she is the one. Best of luck to you.

  13. man the same exact thing that happened to me and it hurt me so bad, this is so weird becouse this honestly might be the same girl becouse i swear she said the exact same thing to me. but shes prob going to have sex with this guy and not u. thats why she broke up with u. and that guy is going to hit it and quit it and shes going to come running back to u. do not go back after what she did. MAKE THAT BITCH LIVE WITH IT FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE AND NO MATTER HOW MUCH SHE SAIS SORRY, SAY FUCK U CUNT. please listen to me man i have been down that exact same road but it was 4 months and we were just as close so yea

  14. oh my…. buddy…. let me tell you a few things. no need to have a break down. the average life span is 72 yrs old. this means if you’re not at east 36 years old the chances of finding that perfect someone already is less than half. long distance relationships are very hard, rewarding and suck all at the same time. you thought things were great 2 days ago because you were great 2 days ago. thats it, bottom line. break ups are NEVER easy. there is (at least for one side) so much pain and confusion and….. some people dont know how to break up with the ability to keep the other half from hurting. matter of fact, really nobody does. be thankful she said she was threw before yo found out she was getting naked with someone else. most people dont get that “luxury”. let some time go by and go out and do those things you havnt been able to do because of being in that relationship. it will help ( i said help, not be a miracle cure all) get your mind out of the ‘funk’. nothing personal, but there are over 6 BILLION people on this planet. what are the odds that, she, was the ONE and not just, one. best of luck to you and keep on fishing

  15. tell her your willing to move
    even f your not if she freaks out
    shes dumping you because she doesnt want to be will you and
    the whole i dont want a long distance relationship is crap
    move on

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