what should i do with this long distance “relationship”?

Question by : what should i do with this long distance “relationship”?
k so heres the story i met this boy on a game with both play together and we get to talking one day which leads to txting/swaping pics and eventually to talking on the phone. I ask him some random questions to get to know him better and so sure enough we fall in love atleast so i thought. And heres the problem he lives 1500 miles away hes 22 smokes pot and drinks and im 17 and straight egde i mean i dont even care about smoking pot because i can see through that and now i wonder if that could be a problem and im just being naive but i feel like “i want the sickest deepest parts of you that no one else will love, i will love them” So after a while we flirt back and forth he tells me one day that he thinks that we should just be friends which breaks my heart because i was obviously into the relationship more saying i love you at the end of phone calls. So now im starting to wonder why he wanted to be just friends was it because of all the things against us(distance, completely different lives, different interest and most importantly we haven’t met before) or is it because he doesn’t want me to be hurt when i find out what hes really like. He still calls me almost everyday so im kinda confused as to what that means and idk if i should hold out hope too see what happens in the future but either way i figure if/when we do meet we should start this whole thing over so atleast we have a chance also the other day he was talking about how one day he wanted to quit smoking pot/cigarettes i mean that could just be giving me false hope but idk So i just really need some advice on what i should do with the whole situation -Thanks

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Answer by Sergio
same thing prrty much happened to me and it was through a game too hahaha but dont fall for it.. i did and it sucks when they go from saying “i love you” at the end of every phone call to “we should just be friends” trust me its not worth getting hurt and all that so just try not to take it any further and if he starts to flirt or something just cut him off

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3 thoughts on “what should i do with this long distance “relationship”?”

  1. I’m in a long distance relationship for 2 years, it’s fucking hard, but we love each other and don’t want be with anyone else. ´╗┐

  2. That’s the spirit! :] We gain some we lose some, most importantly´╗┐ we what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger :]

  3. ive done this´╗┐ for a year i didnt regret it ,ok being cheatend in valentines day and broke up its sucks but i always keep the good parts!

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