What DOES THIS WORD MEAN “Long distance relationship” ?

Question by : What DOES THIS WORD MEAN “Long distance relationship” ?
I want to know what does it mean exactly.

Does it mean, that

1. When you live far away from your partner? (literally distance relevant)


2. When you are together with somebody for ages and you planning to do so. (time relevant)

Thanks for your help !!

Thank you very much !!!
I understand now, thank you again for your nice answers.

Best answer:

Answer by perfectvelvet
Distance. You are far from your partner in terms of where you live. Distance relates to a physical location, not emotions or time.

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One thought on “What DOES THIS WORD MEAN “Long distance relationship” ?”

  1. It means that, despite there being considerable geographic distance separating two people, they’re willing to continue in or engage in a relationship because they feel very strongly for each other – so strongly, in fact, that the distance between them is not off-putting enough to deter them.

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