What does he mean he “currently doesn’t like anybody”?

Question by = ): What does he mean he “currently doesn’t like anybody”?
What does he mean he “currently doesn’t like anybody”?
Recently me and one of my guy friends have REALLY been hitting it off. About a month ago he started getting over a girl he was into, and now he had told me he doesn’t like her at alllll. And i heard is ex was wanting him back, but he told me doesn’t like her at alll. Then this last weekend he drank too much at one of our friends parties (wasn’t there) and i guess he made out with this girl i kinda know (she’s ugly legit, and just gross) i made fun of him and i was like “oh you’re soo gonna be in a relationship a month from now, on FB i’m gonna see “bobby and barbie in a relationship”” and he goes “awhhhh ewww no she’s grosssss, and a slut” I asked him well why even kiss her. And he said he was drunk, and obvi she’s a slut so he could get some (jk)basically he has denied every girl i asked who he liked, BUT i never ever asked if he liked me.
He also told me he’s not the type of guy to approach a girl FIRST, he said the girls he has dated in the past always tell him they like him, give him there numbers…etc. He however, asked for my number over FB, and when he broke his phone, and needed new numbers, he told me like 3 times in one class, “you should text me”
Okay back to my point, like i stated earlier, we have been “hitting it off” and he asked me to legit hang out just me and him, AND to hang out with a group of our friends, yesterday we finally all hung out. It was me, his guy friend (my friend too), and one of my girl friends! So it kinda looked like a double date if you were just looking at the situation from the outside.
Moving on, he said yes to hanging out, we all met at my friends house and went to the Mall together, we planned on being gone for about, 2 hours maybe? We got there at 3 p.m., and didn’t get back “home” until 12:30 a.m……we did a lot. And i didn’t want it to end.
He was only walking next to me about 90% of the time. And my guy friend and girlfriend would be walking in front of us too, which made it look even more like a “double date”
Those two also ditched me and my crush like 4 times so it was just me and him hanging around the mall half the time. But he never only hung out with his guy friend….never left me for him…i was the one who walked with him to where the bathrooms where too….haha yeah….lil weird but
Me and him then finally had the “deep talk” we’d both been wanting to have with each other. He told me i “never let him in”. And we talked about soooo many things throughout the day, and had that true “real talk” time and it felt good 🙂 He was so into everything i said, then he was asking me personal questions like, what’s the farthest you’ve gone with a guy, how many boyfriends have you had, etc….and so my chance came out and i asked,”so who do you like?” And like i said before, he denied every girl i asked about, and yah know what he said after this long day of him following me, and flirting with me, he says casually like he just heard a joke, “Ohhh umm, yeah i don’t currently like anybody”, i smiled and kinda chuckled and was like, “whaaat really?! :)” and he was like, “umm yeah, i guess” Then we changed the subject…..He has noooo idea who i like….he kinda used to think i literally hated him, because i’m kinda super Christian, and he’s not, so i have morals like…no sex before marriage….but i told him….”wellll idk about that anymore.” and he replies with, “wooahh woahh what waiitt” with a HUGE grin on his face going off, “soo you WOULD have sex before marriage?” I tell him, “yeah….if i’m in love and i’m old enough, and we’re both committed”
He then looked at me like “yesss :D” idk….
He also sat next to me in the movie theater at the mall, and would constantly be whispering to me something hilarious about the movie. The movie ended, and then i asked about one of my BFF guy friends who he always make fun of me and him and say, awwhh you two should date that’d be SOOO cute ;D. And starts laughing. He knows i hate it when he jokes about it. And he told me, “hey yout BFF guy friend said he was stuck in the friend zone with you” and i go “whatttt i don’t believe you?! Pinky promise!” And he lifts up his pinky and locks with mine and says “he does……”but he doesn’t let go for a good 30 seconds, and we just kinda made eye contact and no words, and i said “soo you’re just not gonna let go of my pinky?” He replied with “Haha nope :)” then he did after he pretended to get angry and threw my hand down. lol. So we left and dropped everyone off, and that’s when i got thinking. ****. He probably doesn’t like me since he said “I currently don&#3
CONT: “I currently dont like anybody” Girls always go for him first….
should i tell him how i feel? Does all of this show he just is playing with me, just a weirdo who flirts like this and talks to girls like this all the time, or he likes me legit….or he means what he said?

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Answer by ILYRD
Ok, I’m gonna lay it out for you.
He likes you. You like him. Just tell him how you feel. Chances are, he’ll say that he also likes you. Saying “there isn’t anyone I like” is an easy way out of avoiding the question. Trust me on that one – I say it all the time 😉
You said he had no idea that you like him? Then he’s probably going through the same thing you are. Just tell him, please. Then he’ll say “I like you too” and you can go from there.
It’s so obvious that the only reason he hasn’t made a move is because you haven’t. He likes you back. So stop wasting time worrying and just blurt out randomly that you like him. Life’s too short to worry.

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  1. He’s running a game. He is giving you just enough attention to keep your interest. That way, he can take you or leave you anytime he wants and then tell you later about all those “mixed signals” from the past couple months as his excuse.

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