Three Main Things to Do In Surviving Long Distance Relationship

Having a relationship is not easy. Having a long distance relationship is far worse. So far some would say, that the best thing anybody can do to survive this type of relationship is to never get in one. Though, it is easier said than done. When you are deeply in love everything is possible. But you might need some long distance relationship advice to get you through.

So how do you keep this type of relationship strong and afresh? Understand that the main problem of long distance relationship is the gap. So the main thing is to find ways to bridge it.

Nowadays, this is actually quite easy to do. Ages ago it would take weeks to send a message across the Atlantic but modern communication makes it just a few minutes. E-mail your partner, talk to them over chat or over webcam.

However, don’t overdo it or your partner will not look forward to talking to you. Make the communication as if you are not separated. But at the same time too, make sure both of you like the level of communications that you have. If you do find certain moments are overbearing take time out. So, instead of talking sent your partner videos or photos. This is a good way to share your life without saying much but at the same time showing that you still care.

But online communications are not enough. Make sure to take the time to go and see each other often. At the same time too, you have to make it a two sided effort. Don’t give excuses like the guy should visit more because he is a guy, you are busier than your partner or any other reasons that keeps you from seeing each other. Just talk it over and take turn in visiting. Use long weekends and vacations to spend quality time together. This is definitely the best long distance relationship advice to be followed by any couple.

Apart from on the basic communication and visiting each other, there is one thing that is usually overlooked by long distance couple; their own internal struggle. Ask yourself questions such as are you comfortable with the situations, do you trust your partner or do you think the relationship would work? If you are confused, look for some relationship coaching. In fact the internet provides many free online relationships counseling that you and your partner could tap into. 

Finally, if you feel that the relationship is worth fighting for than make an effort to keep it strong. If not, then maybe it is time to part ways.

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