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The Impact of Love Addiction in Your Relationships

We are passionate about love because it makes us happy. It is an exhilarating feeling that even a person with a stoned face and a hard heart became sweet and romantic. An individual who is well-loved by his or her parents appears to be confident and happy that creates a fulfilling and healthy relationship with others. It is a positive emotion with a “feel good” feeling that will make you addicted to affection. So here comes the love addiction. Everybody gives and receives it in return. Some are able to give it for they have received it. People who know how to care usually came from a loving family.

You are able to do something if you have a pattern where you could imitate from while some can’t because they haven’t received the affection they need. Some people don’t know how to care because they don’t know what this feeling is about. It was not shown to them to where they could copy the act of loving. This triggers a need for love addiction. Do you cling to most of your relationships such as friendship and intimacy? Do you have this possessive tendency with your partner that is hard for you to manage? This leads to being needy to the extent of being obsessed which is already a love addiction.

Maybe you have these habits that you are not aware of. This attitude will suffocate those persons which are close to you. It will damage your relationships. What triggers this attitude? The early relationship of a person with his or her parents accounts to this. This attitude stems from the person’s experiences that they were not loved as a child. They were not nurtured the tender and loving care by their parents that made their childhood an unhappy one. So as they grow, they long for affection and look for it to all the persons they encounter.

This need is manifested as a form of love addiction and obsession.

The person with a love addiction becomes so intense to be a part of a relationship. They will do anything just to have someone to fall for and will also fall for them. Their affection is too much in a sense that they become over possessive, clingy and controlling on their partner. This causes their partner to be out of the relationship. If this happens, the person’s sense of self will be threatened together with his or her self-esteem. The abandonment of their partner made them feel again the very familiar pain of not being loved. It’s another rejection on their part.

The abandonment aggravated more emotional scar on the love addict. It adds another burden on the issues that the person is trying to manage all throughout their lives. The person might have a violent reaction regarding on the separation and will not agree with the idea of breaking up. They come into panic when their partner is leaving them. But how could this be stopped to straighten the life of a person with love addiction? The only way to a Love addiction recovery is to let the person heal the scar themselves.

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