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How to Keep a Woman Happy – Advice on Relationships

It is very difficult to please somebody, if especially that somebody is a woman. We shall now discuss some methods and ways on how to keep a woman happy. These are specially meant for men to keep the females happy and satisfied in a relationship. The very first advice that a man should follow is always be yourself. A lot of men try to put off an extra show to impress some beautiful or sexy woman. But they should know that a woman gets more attracted by the confidence of a man than by just his looks. A man should try to impress a woman by his sweet small gestures like offering her some small sweets or different flavored jelly bellies. These small gestures make the lady feel happy than always doing some big which might not carry any value in a relationship.

A man should always try to appreciate the labor that is put in by the woman. Appreciation in any form makes the woman happy and contended. Always value her and do not ever take her for granted. Do not try to play double games with her. Trying to be with two women at a time often makes the female unhappy. They also tend to think that you are comparing their beauty with other females. They do not understand the whole concept of “the day I stop looking is the day I die.” This comes from the biological drive for monogamy in women. Women are looking for a lifetime partner for a man with whom they can raise children. Thus one should not try and look at other females, especially when she’s around.

For a relationship to last longer one should try to make the woman laugh. If a man has a good sense of humor then the woman gets more inclined towards him. A female wants to laugh and she looks for men who have a good sense of humor to keep the relationship lively.

The next bit of advice on relationships comes in seeking common interests. It’s great if you get together because of a hobby or an interest, but it still helps when you take an interest in a long standing passion of hers. If this means developing an appreciation for foreign films, so be it. This shows that you care about her and she’ll know you are one in a million.

Once a man gets a lady in his life he feels that he does not require anybody else or that the end of good grooming in his life. But that is not true. A woman always wants a man to look good and dress up as per her likings. Thus a man should make a deliberate effort to dress up like her on weekends at least so that she is happy. A man should try and adjust to a woman’s friends and family circle. So, make an effort to get along with her girlfriends and impress her parents. A woman relies on her social network to validate her relationship choices.

A man should always try and understand a woman’s feelings. He should always be compassionate towards her and support her through her tough times. As we know that women are less stable than men they should be supported through all the phases of emotional upheaval. The final piece of advice on relationships is to be open to new things. Certain things become quite mundane in routine. If you find that the relationship has become dry and boring one should try something new. It will go a long way to keeping your relationship healthy. Women like novelty in the relationships. Even the normal things of life can be tried out in a number of ways to reduce the monotony.

Thus, these are ten bits of advice on relationships to keep your dating life strong. The author emphasize on the importance of these points as he had lost his love because of not abiding by these methods. There is a book that woke him up written by T ‘Dub’ Jackson called “The Magic of Making Up”. After he had read it and began applying his common sense suggestions, his love life turned around. Not only that all of my personal relationships, with friends, co-workers and his family have become much smarter than they were before. Now his relationship is the best and the love prevailing is more than anything else in their life.

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Relationship Advice on Keeping True Love

True love. What a great feeling! Books, movies and songs are made about it. We all tend to think there is one true love for us and we can’t be eternally happy until we find it.

So we search all over and finally find someone and it does feel fantastic – for about the first six months or so. During this time, we feel totally loved and we love everything about our new mate.

After about six months or so we find that the feeling of true love begins to fade some. We start to have little arguments and conflicts. We notice we want a little space or we get hurt that our mate wants some space. What happened to true love. Is it lost?

No, it isn’t. This is going to happen for all of us. Researchers have found that relationships have phases. They call the first phase of a new relationship the oceanic love phase. This is where everything is great and we feel so loved and loving towards our mate. It is a powerful bonding phase. It feels great.

But then, the research finds, we all move out of that phase into the me/us phase. In this phase, we differentiate, we separate some, we get back to working on our own goals and interests, we don’t want to spend ALL our time with our mate. We start having some conflicts with our partner in this phase. This is normal and healthy and natural.

If we didn’t move apart some, we wouldn’t be able to function well in the world. We’d be a merged mess with our partner, trying to get all our happiness from each other, which doesn’t work long term. We each have to move on with our lives separately and as a couple, we have to take our journeys.

So here’s the thing. If you want to keep true love, you have to adjust.

Don’t give up when the oceanic love phase passes. You have to learn that it is deeper than just the first strong physical attraction. You have to figure out that it is about loving the whole person, with their strengths and weaknesses.

And understand that conflict will occur even with true love. Two healthy adults will pull in separate directions from time to time. True love includes conflict and working things out when they get a little uncomfortable, not running away. You don’t get to keep true love until you learn it is bigger than just the fun times.

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Relationship Break Up Advice To Get Back Together

Was it a mutual understanding that lead you and your partner to separate ways? Or did he or she make the first move of breaking up? And you just can’t find good advice on how to get back together? Below are easy and practical tips to get back together with your ex after a break up.

When a person is in a relationship there is no denial of bumpy roads and rough paths. It’s like being in an endless roller coaster ride. But these are all common and normal. We encounter conflicts to test how strong a relationship can be. People experience relationship break ups, and sometimes they get back together, and sometimes they don’t. It’s the decisions you both put on the table that matters.

Think twice. Determine if putting your efforts will be worth it. You don’t want to to waste your energy on a relationship that has long died. If you see your ex happy and satisfied with someone else then be joyed for him or her. Remember, love is not selfish. Maybe, it’s time to move on and find new love.

Give time and space. Allow emotions to flow freely. Both of you need to think further, and evaluate what went wrong along the road. Gather past and present thoughts. Learn from mistakes, and have a positive outlook. If you and your ex agreed to talk about the relationship then be emotionally prepared. Some talks lead to further misunderstanding. But take this as a chance to show him you’re mature enough to handle any life challenges, and you respect whatever the decision may be.

Acknowledge the end of a relationship. Acceptance is one crucial stage that allows you to move forward, and keep going with your daily living. If both of you has accepted the end of the relationship then this is a good time to reconnect with your ex girlfriend or boyfriend.

Stay tuned. If both of you come from one group it’s more easier to reach out and rebuild the relationship. Go out in groups, invite your ex for friendly dinner dates, suggest outdoor activities together with friends. Your ex will get the idea that having you as a good friend won’t be a bad idea at all. You can then continue to get your ex back with other advice that’ll help you get back to together after a break up.

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Marriage Relationship Advice – Extreme “Dirty Tricks” Advice to Remake Any Marriage Or Relationship

So your marriage is in trouble and you badly need marriage relationship advice. The usual “good” advice hasn’t helped you so far. And you’re frightened at the prospect of becoming another one of the 50 percent of all marriages that end up in divorce.

You’re probably having a terrible time now. Your husband or wife doesn’t even come home before 2 am anymore, you can’t count the endless times you’ve fought until you were exhausted, you suspect your spouse is having an affair with someone in the office, you don’t talk anymore, you only scream at each other. You’re really at your wit’s end.

So to say you need marriage relationship advice is an understatement. Here’s some extraordinary, almost extreme marriage relationship advice for extraordinary, extreme circumstances —

1. Make drastic changes

The next time you think he or she plans to come home in the wee hours, check into a motel. Let them see there’s no one at home waiting in agony for them.

2. Leave signs around the house that you are also in an affair

Give your husband or wife the shock of their life.

3. See a therapist alone for now if you have to.

Learn what you need in terms of professional marriage techniques to apply the next time you have a fight. Don’t repeat the same course of action because chances are you will get the same result. If you can’t afford therapy, go on the Internet and get the e-courses and ebooks written by these professional therapists. They are a fraction of the cost of therapy.

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