Save The Relationship Advice: Beware The Green Eyed Monster

If you want to save the relationship with your partner, take jealousy out of your vocabulary. Jealousy is the expression of the insecurities that are hidden within an individual. And once the insecurities are set loose it is difficult to hold back. Jealousy has ruined many good marriages and causes a couple to go through agony and anxiety. Jealousy in a relationship affects not only the couple but the people around them. It creates difficult situations for their friends and family.

In most cases, jealousy gets the better of an individual because that individual lacks confidence and has allowed his/her insecurities to get the upper hand. When insecurities come to light, the individual experiences feelings of inadequacy, thus, breeding the fear inside him/her that his/her partner cannot find satisfaction in the relationship.

Frequently, people who suffer from jealousy are self-centered. Their focus is on themselves and what he/she expects others to do for them. Once their partner pours attention on someone or something else, they view this as a sign that their partner does not care for them. This is because of the lack of trust in themselves and the self doubt is manifested with fits of jealousy.

This is more obvious in couples where both partners have their own careers. The couple is away from each other for most of the day and the situation can give rise to insecurities in one partner. Thoughts of his/her partner straying away dominate the jealous partner’s mind leading to problems in the relationship.

If you are in this situation, it is not too late to save the relationship. But it would be wise to figure out the situation first before you buckle under yourself to that green-eyed monster called jealousy. Has your partner shown you any signs that he/she is cheating on you? Has he/she cheated on you in the past? Have you noticed any changes in your partner that has triggered your jealousy?

If you answered no to the above, then it is possible that the distrust that you feel for your partner has no basis at all. It could be that your feelings of distrust are being fueled by your own inner insecurities. If you want to save the relationship, an examination of yourself is in order. You may have just succumbed to the green eyed monster because you have lost the faith you had in yourself. The feelings of insecurity can in no way help you in your bid to save the relationship. Learn to take control of your feelings and be reasonable about the situation.

Acknowledge that your partner is an individual in his/her own right and you do not have the right to dominate him/her. Jealousy breeds possessiveness. The more you try to possess and hold power over your partner, the more he/she will try to get away from you. The only way you can have your partner is to set them free. Contradiction? No. A relationship should be based on trust, respect and love. When you trust your partner and do not restrict or suppress his/her freedom you give him/her the liberty to be himself/herself. And when you do this, you give him/her the respect that he/she deserves. Trust and respect are the best ways to show your love. And when you are able to do these three, then you would have made your relationship a stronger and more solid one.

It may be easier said than done, but if you really want to save the relationship that you value with your partner, then do not let jealousy get the better of you. Instead, do everything to overcome it.

Zeny Zabala is a relationship resource person who loves to write articles about marriage and relationships for individuals looking for help and inspiration in their relationships. She also provides reading recommendations on her web site with reviews on the best available reading resources on the internet today. More save the relationship advice.

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