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Cherry, from the professional kitchen brand in Taiwan, after 30 years unremitting efforts, the authority of a professional kitchen and the industry leader. From the first day, cherry business groups on efforts to explore and create more likely to WeiChu life, so that every Chinese kitchen clean and pleasant, comfortable and fun to the daily bath, peace of mind … …. 30 years, Sakura never stopped WeiChu technology breakthroughs, even with an endless stream of innovative products and constantly WeiChu evolutionary history of the world to write a new chapter.

Click here to view all News Photos For the Chinese to create a high quality of life, cherry born because of this ideal, more is always With this ideal have done.

The 21st century, we need the water heater will be more intelligent security, more saving and environmental protection. Cherry, deep understanding and grasp of this trend, after a three-year product development and technology upgrades, new born SEH-6077 electric water heater, with its extraordinary scientific and technological content and perfect quality, was awarded the 30th anniversary of cherry model enterprise groups .

Intelligent, energy-saving breakthroughs in a comprehensive technology upgrade

Upgraded cherry iMES new all-day energy-saving intelligent memory system, can one day early, middle and later time off and learn to master the automatic memory nearly a month early, middle and late water data to enable more accurate calculate the heating time in advance to ensure that water is entered into when the host is ready hot water. It has a variety of heating combined mode can not only achieve iMES wise move heat, can also provide three hours a day regular heating mode, more power function can be achieved at night, take full advantage of TOU price to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Intelligent medium temperature thermal insulation to minimize heat loss, more energy saving effect will be raised to the extreme.

Intelligence, experience the comfortable realm of the leading technology

Today need technology integrated into the concept of humanity. New memorial cherry model SEH-6077 microcomputer-type electric water heater is the case. The most advanced touch screen design, operation design functions directly on the screen or text can achieve the best human-computer interaction. Wireless remote control can also achieve the most comfortable intelligent expression.

  Comprehensive security protection system to prevent and professional safety standards

Cherry O? S-PP? T full protective safety systems to provide superior security properties of a complete integrated security. Defense Grid security step-down isolation damping technology, even in the external grounding system leakage occurred under unusual circumstances, direct contact with water or metal body leakage current less than 5mA, in absolute safety will not be within the scope of electric shock. Unique low-current protection, self-checking system leakage detection from time to time, in case the machine leakage led to FireWire and line current exceeds the safety value of zero, the machine can cut off the power within 0.1s to ensure security; security leak prompts warning in case of Ming Ong technology equipment anomalies outside the earth system, the light will light up immediately prompted prevent electrical injury crisis.

More details more secure Liner cherry electric water heaters, hot-training butt, thickness uniformity, impurity-free, anti-cracking, sustained to maintain excellent function, by 160 000 times pulse pressure test, long life and secure, adhering to the 5-year warranty commitments; also with anti-dry, self-test failure, over-temperature protection, anti-back, anti-over voltage, anode rod magnesium and many other security devices, and more to protect your safety. More cherry blossoms have upheld the 21-year-old permanent free safety inspection, from June to August each year for the consumer’s water heater regularly for free security, ensuring the safety of use, allowing you to use at ease, comfortable.

More intelligent, easier, more comfortable, more secure, no matter what kind of shower you want to enjoy the comfortable realm of cherry blossoms will be 11 for you.

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