Q&A: What is considered “perfect/ normal loving” relationship?

Question by YouGotThatOneThing: What is considered “perfect/ normal loving” relationship?
ok me and my “Boyfriend” ( were not techially together like he hasn’t asked me out but we act like were Bf and Gf) we had had quite a few problems that had happened.. and were not together! we always worked through them and stuff but is that weird to not techanially be together yet all ready had some issues happened?? ( i mean like him hiding he had a trust issue becasue of a ex gf cheating on him) and me and him talk about out future alot.. (even though were not together yet…) like marriage, kids, etc. to make things worse were long distance from eachother and hes in a band! he saids he loves me/inloveve with me and im loveve with him too.. he told me hes planning oofficiallyly asking me out.. i just don’t know when…. but like don’t know.. is this all normal?? is there a “perfect relationships” or love ot there?

im 19 hes 21 btw!!!

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Answer by alexander w
.A perfect relationship is where both partners treat each other with mutual respect. When differences are resolved amicably.Dealt with and forgotten,with no winners or losers

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Well, I have been contemplating on whether or not, long distance relationships are good because I am basically fed up with the trash I find in NYC and the guys I meet in other states and countries are always nicer and have more in common with me. I believe long distance cannot work because I don’t know when I’ll ever meet the guy and also, I never trust people. So, I am not sure if he’d be there cheating on me but I wanna know what you guys think about it. Give your opinions. I’d love to know. Just comment below and rate and sub if you want because that’s be nice but blah blah blah, do whatever you all want lalala. Bye 🙂 Tumblr: joelxlonevampx.tumblr.com Twitter: www.twitter.com

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