Q&A: How do I make our relationship “better”?

Question by The Artist In The Ambulance.: How do I make our relationship “better”?
I guess you could say that me and my boyfriend of almost two years haven’t been getting along lately. He lied to me twice, about porn. I forgave, but just hate feeling lied to. He apologized and swears up and down it will not happen again. I do believe him, but just thinking about him lying to me hurts. He ist he best thing to ever happen to me, and it’s obvious to anyone he is head over heels for me also. We fight a lot recently, almost broke up, but saw that we are in love and don’t want to let each other go.

It’s just been for a few weeks, so how can we move past this, and make that spark come back? No arguments, and just a fresh clean, start. Like it was before. There has never been any cheating, and this is the only lie he has ever told me. We had a long talk. Thanks so much!
And, do you think my boyfriend should get mad if I keep bringing it up?

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Answer by Guitar player
Start watching porn together

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