Q&A: he said he is not happy?

Question by : he said he is not happy?
My Boyfriend has been ignoring my texts, seldom responds and has been nit picky at home, carrying some kind of attitude or something. So I asked him “Do you still want in this relationship”? He didn’t text back (not a surprise) so I asked his some random question about paying rent, he text back quick. So I asked the first question again. He replied “don’t know”. I said “Well if you’re not happy then end it with me don’t string me along (prior to this day he has been saying “I love you” and acting as he loves me… I am in utter confusion to say the least).” He just said “I am un happy is all”. I try to communicate with the guy and no response well then he asked “Do you even know what “stringinng on means”? Then the conversation got interesting. So I layed it straight “Look man, why don’t you leave me? You are not happy, I don’t want to waist your time”. So this was at 11:15 PM and he is at work (perhaps) and I passed out.
In the AM he is in bed next to me and, we do our usual chores and then I text a guy coz well I figure my boy friend and I are done. And he then sees me text messaging a guy and then attempts to have playful sex with me. Well I am no ones FWB or what ever. So no! Well, if he is unhappy then does it mean he broke up with me and I should just move on coz I am confused hours later if I should have aske dhim at home but I didnt want to start a “nit picking” epidsode!

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Answer by Samantha
Move on, he sounds like a grumpy user

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  1. No he’s still with u obviously otherwise he wouldn’t have come over at all don’t make a mistake thinking he doesn’t care guys r confusing just show him u care don’t give him the cold shoulder

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