Q&A: GUYS: if you call your girlfriend annoying and clingy to other people.. do you plan on breaking up with her?

Question by : GUYS: if you call your girlfriend annoying and clingy to other people.. do you plan on breaking up with her?
This guy told a friend of mine “don’t ever get in a long distance relationship” and she asked why, he told her that his girlfriend was annoying and clingy and he didn’t like that.. if guys talk like that to people, are they planning to break up with their girlfriends?

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Answer by nicholas
It depends
in this and most long distance case then yeah prolly or hes gonna start cheatin and tell her
but usually no its prolly she pissed him off and was just ventin a lil

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19 thoughts on “Q&A: GUYS: if you call your girlfriend annoying and clingy to other people.. do you plan on breaking up with her?”

  1. Yeah it gets hard at times. but I love her. it will get harder, i know. but i see her next week. I look forward to the times i see her. it keeps me going. having her in my arms. its just amazing. 🙂 thanks for the comment.

  2. PT2- you are both happy and you ONLY have your differences when you aren’t together, THAT IS NORMAL! I often look at my fiance when we are having an argument and think. “This really wouldn’t be happening right now if I were with you”. Just grin and bare it, it will pass and once you are together again, everything will be back to normal. I wish you all happy and healthy long distance relationship

  3. PT1- I would say with my fiance being in switzerland that it is hard at times, we have been in a relationship for three years now and I’m about to move to live there for the second time. Sometimes you may doubt your relationship and think, is this really worth it. YES it is as long

  4. Oh I know how far away you both are from each other…I do pay attention =P I’m just saying you have to look on the bright side that at least you’re both in the same country 🙂

  5. Good advice, Matt. Thanks! This couldn’t have come at a better time, too! It seems I’m starting to get into my first long distance relationship so thanks for the advice.

  6. I recommend talking to them often on a social networking site that you like to go on. I talk to a lot of long-distance friends this way

  7. @helloitsmasterhulk its odd i mean i been here a year and. ehhh like i love the guy but um he isnt much fun. orginaly i lived in norther california and him in utah . but hea a homebody seems.it was easier when we were phone dating. he seemd more romantic ..im so lost on how to save the relationship ++——-++ Lydia ++——-++

  8. me and Rachel are closer to 200 miles apart. It makes the journey about 9 hours via coach. which can be avoided if we get the train. but its far cheaper.

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