Problem with “long distance relationship”?

Question by : Problem with “long distance relationship”?
don’t get me wrong, i am not in the relationship yet but I want to be. there is this girl i went to high school with, we were friends back then but not really close but we both left the country to different countries to continue our education. stupid internet brought us together again about three years ago and since then we’ve been the best of friends to each other. we communicate as frequent as possible via phone, email, skype, facebook and what have you. sometimes we talk for hours and never get tired. not that girls don’t exist where i am but i’ve fallen in love with her, it’s killing me but i can’t tell her, probably because i’m scared she doesn’t feel the same or maybe it’s because i don’t want to risk losing her as a friend. I want to tell her but i can’t. Any advice from anyone who have experienced or in this situation will be appreciated.

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Answer by angelo3718
where is she? can u get to her within 1 day? my wife is in mexico city im here in los angeles california, we broke up several times because of the distance, talk to her, go to her, now dont wait

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8 thoughts on “Problem with “long distance relationship”?”

  1. Life is too short, I think you should gof or it and tell her how you feel… as a girl I can tell you for sure that it is always nice when someoen tells you how they feel and you never can know for sure how she feels towards you πŸ˜‰

  2. Unless you can DEFINITELY see a chance of you actually meeting and getting together again in real life, I wouldn`t tell her. If you cannot meet, then long-distance-relationship rarely come to anything. Just accept her as a good loyal online friend, and that way, she will stay around.

  3. do it tell her before it will be late.
    becoz a friend never talks for hours without stoping lik dat so may b she feels also for u the same but she doesnt want to say coz may b she wants dat u tel her first
    so do it
    be brave

  4. scared???????for what???did you murder someone or what??? come on dude be a man, and you said you are in different country, so it makes the situation much easy to propose her. if you two were somewhere near then it would be obvious to get little scared to go infront of her and propose , but in your case facebook and mails can be the best options to start up with your love journey. hit her with some comments or messages first…wait what turns up and move on with your love journey.
    good luck

  5. so, you’re just not prepared to take it to the “NEXT LEVEL” / “NEW LEVEL”. you’re afraid that if you get rejected, your relationship will get awkward after that. yeah, i’ve been in that situation too.. but try to ask the girl, she might like you too. it’s better to try, for better or worse :)) and the uh, long distance relationship, well, for that, somewhere in the days you will lose trust in her. but it’s up to you to work things out bro. πŸ˜€ enjoy every moment while you’re with her (if). good luck.

    by the way, can anyone answer this please?;_ylt=Akkax5YttvsJ5Ol7L3xsv5Xty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120310033017AANFfxz

  6. It can work out,it seems like she is into you as well if she can site hours and hours to speak with you and spend time with you… I believe bhot should have good intentions and willingness to make it work… But its very time consuming and tiring to be in a long distance relationship…Only go for it if you will be able to be faithful with her in the long run and if she is equally committed to you… I would advice you guys to attest meet up once before you go for a long distance relation or else it maybe very difficult to remain in such relationship…

  7. You’ve already been talking for three years. I think there’s a pretty good chance she likes you back. You should tell her. I understand that you don’t want to lose her as a friend, but think about it. Is it really friendship you want? You want to have a relationship with her, don’t you? She probably does too, just tell her how you feel. You said you went to different countries to continue your education, so there’s probably a good chance of you two meeting after you finished your studies. I say GO FOR IT! If you’re still not confident, think about this. You already ARE in a long distance relationship, it’s just not “official” yet. Tell her how you feel! πŸ™‚

  8. I’m in a long distance relationship and it SUCKS. It depends where she lives. If she lives somewhere you can visit go for it πŸ™‚ Like, with my bf he lives too far away to visit. like, out of the country. And its really, really hard. But I love him and it’s worth it. So, if you truely like her go for it πŸ™‚

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