4 Best Websites For Love And Relationship Advices And Articles

A relationship advice works best when it is given in a step by step process. Also the one who is providing it must be eager to help you. It is often seen that friends cannot always do it. At the same time, you cannot really call them to talk about your issue every now and then.So the best you can do is to go online to find a valid answer. But which websites should you use for? You do not require searching for that because below is a list of four best websites where you can actually get just the best relationship advice and that is also free of cost.

1. Love forum– This is an open forum where you can get live advice from real people. Most of them have been giving advices to troubled lovers for years and they log on everyday. So your problem will not be overlooked.

2. Bitter Single Guy– This site has only one adviser. But he answers anyone who writes to him everyday. This site is recommended if you are a woman looking for a man’s perspective on your situation.

3. Loving You– This site is more extensive than love forum. On this site, you can email the adviser about your problem and get a detailed reply about the solution. Also this site has love poems, quotes and letters, which can help you stay cute to your boyfriend or girlfriend. The articles regarding love and relationship are vast in number and they are not only about problems but also about tips on how to keep a relationship strong. You can actually spend hours reading them.

4. What do men really think? – This site has articles that are quite different from the traditional ones. Each article usually comes with lists or subheadings, which makes reading them easier. Also the articles are written by keeping real world on mind. I personally like this site because its lists are associated with the common behaviors of men.

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Question by yafvoc: Relationship websites?
Are there any good websites out there than anybody knows that are mostly members chatting with each other? What I’m looking for is other people’s advice and help with certain relationship issues.

I want a site where I can give advice, ask for advice, read other people who have experienced the same relationship problems as I have.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want a dating site.

Best answer:

Answer by Rock Star
You can do all of that on this website…and it’s not a dating site. Click on answer to answer questions…ask to ask a question…and then look through the resolved questions for questions that have already been answered.

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There’s a lot of Web sites for dating for seniors, including seniordatefinder.com, seniorfriendfinder.com and datingforseniors.com. Learn about dating suggestions for seniors on dating Web sites with help from a certified life and dating coach in this free video on online dating. Expert: Donna Barnes Contact: www.donnabarnes.com Bio: Donna Barnes is a professional life coach, relationship expert, television host, author, columnist and producer, based in New York City. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
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3 Necessary Questions to Ask Before Ending a Relationship

We have all gotten to the point where we wondered if we should stay or if we should go. Here are some necessary questions to ask before ending a relationship. These will help you decide which fork in the road you should take. Be honest with these questions to ask before ending a relationship.

The first of questions to ask before ending a relationship is whether or not there is any chance of you being happy in the relationship. We are all on the same path in life, and that is to find a piece of happiness in our little corner of the world. Are there still parts of the relationship that make you happy, or are you completely miserable all the time. If there is still some happiness in the relationship and you don’t completely hate one another, things can be salvaged.

The second of questions to ask before ending a relationship is whether or not the two of you have done everything in your power to make it work, and still failed.

Chances are extremely good that you haven’t done everything you can to make it work. Often times, people don’t know what to do in order to make a relationship work. This lack of knowledge is often times a big reason for failure.

The third of questions to ask before ending a relationship is whether or not your relationship is an open and honest relationship with trust. Is there communication, and the ability to take what the other person says regardless of whether or not we like it. Is there affection in the relationship. These are necessary corner stones of the foundation of a healthy relationship. Without them, you most likely should leave unless there is a way to build and fix them. Without any one of these three aspects of a relationship, a relationship begins down a path that cannot be corrected.

I’ll show you step by step EXACTLY what to do and say to get your ex back in your arms again and completely rid yourself of that lonely heartbreak, and heartache. Learn the tell tale signs that your ex wants you back, a special technique to have you feeling better and over that sad depression in minutes, and exactly what to do in order to have your ex begging you to get back together. I’ll also teach you the core reason men and women leave. Be sure to watch the videos! Click Here Now Learn What It Takes To Have Your Ex Begging To Get Back Together Right Now!

First of all, it’s perfectly fine to be in your 20’s and never having been in a romantic relationship. In fact, it’s better than fine. Because that means you’ve never wasted your time with duds, and you’ve instead poured yourself into school, work, sports, etc. And if the reason you’re single is that you are extra picky, better yet! Don’t settle for less and continue to be selective. And if this person you’re interested in continues to ask why you’ve never been in a relationship, you have to ask yourself why he/she is harping on it. And is this someone you want to be involved with anyway?
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Questions To Ask In A Relationship While Dating That Help Prevent Heartache

When the goal of dating is to find a suitable mate to marry, then the axiom of “pay now or pay later” is extremely applicable. All parties involved can end up feeling a lot of long term pain if they fail to ask questions they want answers to, questions that are really important. Your ability to ask difficult questions of yourself and the other person is a small price to pay if it helps you avoid an unhealthy or poorly matched long term union.

Is the attraction mutual? It is believed by both genders that certain women and men are so desirable, “he’s a catch – she’s a babe” that the issue of mutual attraction is largely ignored.

Here’s an example. Let’s assume that Brittany is hotly pursued by Tony. He is told by many friends that “he would be lucky to be with a girl like her.” Tony wins her over as a result of his pursuit. They date and marry. The attention Brittany received from Tony caused her to feel really great, in spite of the fact that there were many aspects of Tony’s personality she didn’t care for or connect with. As a result of the compliments and kindness she was receiving from him, she ignored many of her thoughts and feelings regarding their relationship. Being left alone and thus lonely because no other man would be attracted to her like Tony was, was also a concern for her.

A number of years into their relationship, Tony realizes that Brittany isn’t that attracted to him and the affection they used to share is absent. Their relationship is in trouble and he’s feeling frustrated and angry. Is the attraction mutual?

Over an extended period of time…is the attraction mutual? To really find out how compatible two people are, it takes a bit of time, perhaps more than we would like to admit. The behaviours we exhibit regularly are mostly affected by our subconcious mind…85 to 90%. These behaviours are habitual and have usually been a part of our lives for years and years. The remaining 10 to 15% of our activities are carried out by our conscious mind. We make conscious choices about what will eat for dinner, how to respond to a complaining customer, or what to wear to work.

Early in the dating process we are more conscious or conscientious about our clothes, manners, attitude, etc. We usually want to make a good impression. It’s common for members of the relationship to relax on their efforts to conciously try and impress their partner the longer they are together. This is when a person’s conditioned habits and beliefs can be more easily seen by the other party.

This is why people who date and commit too quickly find themselves years later looking at their mate and wondering “who are you?” “You’re not the person I fell in love with!?!?” Correct. The person you fell in love life was consciously behaving in a certain manner. The person you’re now with is the same, except they’re living from their habits, their habitual behaviour, which is what the subconscious mind stores and references for playback.

While in the dating phase of a relationship, a good question to ask is…”in order to make the most intelligent decision possible, are you willing to take the necessary time to date me so we can both be sure of our decision?”

The best relationships, the healthy ones, are based on high levels of mutual trust and respect. Trust and respect are earned, not simply given out freely. When we consider deep human relationships of any sort, we are talking about people who have walked together through many different experiences and learned and grown from those experiences.

If a deep, lasting relationship is what you want, then it’s vital to put the relationship to the test while dating. Combined with the pleasurable and fun aspects of marriage, there are the mundane and uninspiring activities. Can you talk about somewhat difficult topics during dating, or is it all just about fun, fun, fun?

The likelihood of you enjoying a good solid marriage will be in no small part determined by your ability to ask important questions during the dating process.

Is the attraction mutual? In order to really get to know the other person and their habitual behaviour, are the two of you willing to date for a year before making a long term commitment to marriage?

Who we are is defined by our habits. It’s not what I do once in a while that is nearly as telling as what I do daily, weekly or monthly. Over an extended period of time…is the attraction mutual? Do you like their habits? Do you want to marry the kind of habits they’ve got?

Chris Keenan is the founder of Relationship Sharing. They help people share and learn about relationships in small groups via telephone conferencing. If you would like to try their service for free or view the hundreds of free relationship articles they have, go to http://www.relationshipsharing.com for more information. “Why be all alone when you don’t have to?”

Question by ayan: what would you feel if your boyfriend or girlfriend asked “is it ok to date other men while in a relationship”?
my girlfriend posted this question here on yahoo answers and i am feeling a little edgy about it since were in a long distance relationship. just want to know other peoples opinion. thank you !!! ^_^

Best answer:

Answer by Roxy
I would feel sad and I don’t think I would continue with the relationship. But some are ok with that..it’s personal preference really.

What do you think? Answer below!

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