Nurturing A Healthy Relationship

Most relationships are fleeting–the salesperson, the waiter, the bus driver–all of them are in our lives for mere moments. But what makes life really worth sticking it out for is the longer relationships, the ones that last months, years, or lifetimes.
The simplest definition of the word relationship is a connection between two people. It often includes the feelings of one person toward another. This can be a romantic relationship, a business relationship, or parent-child relationship. All three tend to be important in all of our lives.
Most people fail to understand what a relationship really means. Many cannot distinguish a strong relationship from a pallid one. This lack of knowledge is why many people fail to have successful relationships.
A good relationship reveals itself in a person’s life. The person you see humming at work is likely enjoying a solid partnership. But do not expect that everyone you meet will have a relationship with you, because there are some who enter our lives for only a few minutes.
Self-awareness of the relationship itself is a skill most people must still learn. To avoid hurt and frustration, become good at reading your relationships; not obsessing on them, but rather learning to see the relationship itself as a living creature.
To help you achieve your goals with your partner here are 10 tips that may help you build and maintain a strong and successful relationship
1. Continue to learn new things that will help improve your relationship. Learn to take personal growth seriously. You may find yourself astounding your partner.
2. Shared kindness is important to make a relationship work successfully. The term give and take is very applicable because it always takes both.
3. Realize that both passionate love and conflict are not final outcomes but are simply phases on the journey of love. Disappointments and arguments are means for curing and improving for both partners.
4. Discover new methods to communicate that will make your discussions protected and private. This encourages honest sharing.
5. Always tell your partner what you need and how you feel. No one can read your mind, not even your own partner, so let your partner know when you feel bad about something and why you feel that way. People will not get the contentedness that they want without first getting connected or involved with someone intimately. They tend to enjoy being with someone who shares all their achievements and failures in discussion.
6. Have an occasional heart to heart talk about what you both like and what makes you two feel love. This way you will learn more each time about what make your partner happy.
7. Consideration is also highly important in a relationship. It was not only June Cleaver who felt that being considerate of others’ feelings was important.
8. Avoid things that will not be helpful to or might harm the relationship. Some people treat their partner worse than they do strangers, and do things they know may hurt a partner. If you want your relationship to work, then work it yourself.
9. Listen to the things your partner is saying. And appreciate things that your partnering does for you no matter how small. Why not say thanks for doing dishes Or thanks for cleaning the bathroom to your partner. Little appreciative moments go a long way.
10. When you wake up in the morning, promise to try removing guilt and disapproval#things that often creep into a relationship. If there are times you did not keep your promise, accept it and apologize to your partner.
These ten tips may seem self-evident to some, but lucid advice to others. Take what you can and remember that the ups and downs of relationships are almost always better than the flat highway of loneliness that some people face. Nurture your relationship and it will nurture you back. It only takes a few minutes a day to put a little effort into it, and the rewards can be magnificent.

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Relationship Break Up Advice To Get Back Together

Was it a mutual understanding that lead you and your partner to separate ways? Or did he or she make the first move of breaking up? And you just can’t find good advice on how to get back together? Below are easy and practical tips to get back together with your ex after a break up.

When a person is in a relationship there is no denial of bumpy roads and rough paths. It’s like being in an endless roller coaster ride. But these are all common and normal. We encounter conflicts to test how strong a relationship can be. People experience relationship break ups, and sometimes they get back together, and sometimes they don’t. It’s the decisions you both put on the table that matters.

Think twice. Determine if putting your efforts will be worth it. You don’t want to to waste your energy on a relationship that has long died. If you see your ex happy and satisfied with someone else then be joyed for him or her. Remember, love is not selfish. Maybe, it’s time to move on and find new love.

Give time and space. Allow emotions to flow freely. Both of you need to think further, and evaluate what went wrong along the road. Gather past and present thoughts. Learn from mistakes, and have a positive outlook. If you and your ex agreed to talk about the relationship then be emotionally prepared. Some talks lead to further misunderstanding. But take this as a chance to show him you’re mature enough to handle any life challenges, and you respect whatever the decision may be.

Acknowledge the end of a relationship. Acceptance is one crucial stage that allows you to move forward, and keep going with your daily living. If both of you has accepted the end of the relationship then this is a good time to reconnect with your ex girlfriend or boyfriend.

Stay tuned. If both of you come from one group it’s more easier to reach out and rebuild the relationship. Go out in groups, invite your ex for friendly dinner dates, suggest outdoor activities together with friends. Your ex will get the idea that having you as a good friend won’t be a bad idea at all. You can then continue to get your ex back with other advice that’ll help you get back to together after a break up.

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How To Save Your Relationship

There are many situations in which a man cheats on his girlfriend but then feels regret and wants to save the relationship with her. The question here is that, what should he do?


Cheating is a tricky thing, and often, very often, it is a deal breaker, a relationship ender a fatal blow. And with good reason; if there are two people in a relationship together and they’ve made a promise to each other to stay together and not date others, then you have broken the trust factor in your relationship. Why did you cheat in the first place? And what about the feelings of your girlfriend with whom you are supposedly in love?


Trust is paramount in any relationship. Without it there are two people always wondering what the other is up to. Without trust the respect is lost. Trust begins with simple things such as; I trust that my boyfriend will call me when he says he will, I trust that my boyfriend will act appropriately in front of my parents. Cheating basically takes this trust, crushes it and leaves it for dead on the side of the road. It’s not easy to get back. In my experience, even when a relationship does make it through infidelity, the hurt person will not truly trust the other for a very, very long time, if at all.


Why did you cheat in the first place? What brought you to the point where you thought more of yourself than of your girlfriend? Was it because you didn’t like her anymore? Were you angry with her? Were you confused about where your relationship was going? Or did you intentionally sabotage your relationship? If you REALLY want to save your relationship, you’re going to need to dig deep to find the root cause for your infidelity and only then, can you solve the problem.

If you can’t figure out why you cheated, you will probably become a chronic cheater.


You claim to love your girlfriend, yet you certainly didn’t consider her feelings when you chose someone else to sleep with one night. If you want her back, I must assume that you care for her and respect her, yet you seemed to have forgotten these two things when you chose to cheat on her. Her shattered emotions need to be mended and this may take time. You really shouldn’t hurry to get back together. Give her time, be there when she wants to ask you questions, and expect to take some angry words. If you want her back, the best thing to do is admit to your wrongdoing, show her that you will never do it again, and hope that this will be enough. If you are really saying, “I want to save my relationship,” then there’s no reason why you can’t!


While cheating can be considered a death blow for many, many others are able to work through indiscretions and build warm, trusting relationships from the rubble of a broken relationship. Good luck on your journey to win her back and if you need even more advice, check out my website and learn to love again!

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Marriage Relationship Advice – Extreme “Dirty Tricks” Advice to Remake Any Marriage Or Relationship

So your marriage is in trouble and you badly need marriage relationship advice. The usual “good” advice hasn’t helped you so far. And you’re frightened at the prospect of becoming another one of the 50 percent of all marriages that end up in divorce.

You’re probably having a terrible time now. Your husband or wife doesn’t even come home before 2 am anymore, you can’t count the endless times you’ve fought until you were exhausted, you suspect your spouse is having an affair with someone in the office, you don’t talk anymore, you only scream at each other. You’re really at your wit’s end.

So to say you need marriage relationship advice is an understatement. Here’s some extraordinary, almost extreme marriage relationship advice for extraordinary, extreme circumstances —

1. Make drastic changes

The next time you think he or she plans to come home in the wee hours, check into a motel. Let them see there’s no one at home waiting in agony for them.

2. Leave signs around the house that you are also in an affair

Give your husband or wife the shock of their life.

3. See a therapist alone for now if you have to.

Learn what you need in terms of professional marriage techniques to apply the next time you have a fight. Don’t repeat the same course of action because chances are you will get the same result. If you can’t afford therapy, go on the Internet and get the e-courses and ebooks written by these professional therapists. They are a fraction of the cost of therapy.

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