My boyfriend has a long-distance girlfriend?

Question by actrez: My boyfriend has a long-distance girlfriend?
I dont know what to do about it anymore..

They met online almost two years ago, and talked more and more and ended up falling in love. Ive been with him for over a year now, and I knew about her. When we started dating, i thought he would stop the “relationship” with her, but he didnt. He recently started talking to her again, telling her how much he misses her and he thinks about her all the time. They call each other “wife” and “husband”.
He tells me its stupid to care, since she lives to far away for them to ever actually do anything. But i hate the fact that he still has such strong feelings for her after over a year of us dating.
We have fought about it. He decided that hes not going to stop talking to her..

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Answer by ConfusedPerson
That can be classed as two-timing. If you do not feel comfortable with him doing this give him an ultimatum. Either he stays with you and is happy or he stays with her and ends up miserable because she lives so far away. Don’t ever be a boys bit on the side.

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6 thoughts on “My boyfriend has a long-distance girlfriend?”

  1. Dump that Sh**
    He doesnt deserve you if he thinks he can have two, Even if they cant do anything, it doesnt mean he can do stuff with you. Leave him. You deserve better

  2. Hun, I’m really sorry he is acting like that. If he truly loved you he would not have to talk to this girl or even think about it. I think you need to lay down the law and say this; lose her or lose me. Because it’s not fair to you – or her! So it would be best to address your feelings on the situation in a way where he cannot avoid it. Sorry love

  3. I realize you love him and can’t possibly think about breaking up with him, but sweetie, HE IS CHEATING ON YOU AND HAS BEEN FOR YOUR WHOLE RELATIONSHIP. what do you think he’s gonna do if you guys get married? cheat. again and again and again. he should only have eyes for your, especially after you’ve been dating so long. he’s beeing unfair, mean, dirty, and just plain not treating you right at all. i cant make you dump him, but you gotta think about yourself and your future. is this what you want your whole life to be like?

  4. Why would you date someone who is already pretty much taken? You know that he loves this girl and you are probably never going to FEEL as good as her in your eyes because honestly when you’re in love no one else is as important to you. It’s sad that you are with this guy and he’s still mentally with another girl. Move on from him because the relationship won’t go anywhere /:

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