Marriage Relationship Advice – Extreme “Dirty Tricks” Advice to Remake Any Marriage Or Relationship

So your marriage is in trouble and you badly need marriage relationship advice. The usual “good” advice hasn’t helped you so far. And you’re frightened at the prospect of becoming another one of the 50 percent of all marriages that end up in divorce.

You’re probably having a terrible time now. Your husband or wife doesn’t even come home before 2 am anymore, you can’t count the endless times you’ve fought until you were exhausted, you suspect your spouse is having an affair with someone in the office, you don’t talk anymore, you only scream at each other. You’re really at your wit’s end.

So to say you need marriage relationship advice is an understatement. Here’s some extraordinary, almost extreme marriage relationship advice for extraordinary, extreme circumstances —

1. Make drastic changes

The next time you think he or she plans to come home in the wee hours, check into a motel. Let them see there’s no one at home waiting in agony for them.

2. Leave signs around the house that you are also in an affair

Give your husband or wife the shock of their life.

3. See a therapist alone for now if you have to.

Learn what you need in terms of professional marriage techniques to apply the next time you have a fight. Don’t repeat the same course of action because chances are you will get the same result. If you can’t afford therapy, go on the Internet and get the e-courses and ebooks written by these professional therapists. They are a fraction of the cost of therapy.

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