Long Distance Relationships Seem Closer With Satellite Internet

Only those who have experienced long distance relationships can fully understand how difficult it is to successfully endure this situation. Romantic relationships suffered separations of this kind throughout the course of history, but long distance relationships were never as common as they are today.

Technological development made it all possible. The Internet connected the world better than ever before, and globalization made the planet seem smaller than ever in terms of distance. This easily brought to us many things – and people – that were previously out of reach.

There are couples who started dating in real life, and later found themselves separated by sudden changes: career related relocation, going to a distant university, soldiers being shipped off, and so on. Moving can take place for many different reasons. Sometimes the relationship is not yet serious enough for the second person to move as well, while in other cases that is impossible for practical reasons. These couples, who once started as a classic “close distance” couple, find huge comfort in the Internet! Just a couple of years ago, they had chat that allowed them to communicate cheaply for hours, while now video chats make the distance seem even smaller.

Today, more and more often we can find couples who first met online. These relationships often take the opposite direction than the previously described ones – here the romance starts virtually and with a distance, with the possibility of turning into a classic relationship later on.

For people living in the areas without the latest technology, the isolation from their loved ones is always harder to endure.

This must have felt especially bitter in the years when the more developed areas of the world had fantastic ways to communicate. It was hard to know that High Speed Internet connection existed, but was out of reach. This meant nothing to people in rural areas, or to those in distant countries without telephone or cable lines at every corner.

Satellite Internet changed this, with its terrific ability to reach many isolated places. Think about a young couple from a rural area: imagine that one of them leaves to join a distant university, and another stays in the country. With Rural Satellite Internet they can keep in touch, just like any of the long distance couples living separately in different urban areas.

When it comes to online romancing, Rural Satellite Internet also made it easier for some people to find the right person. Sometimes people simply do not romantically connect with anyone from their community. If the community is very isolated and small, this makes it hard to meet someone new. In these cases it can help to browse through online communities of people who share your interests and hobbies. And if the Cupid’s arrow strikes – acquaintances made this way can grow into something more!

Some might disagree about the benefits Internet brought to romantic relationships. They might add how the possibility of vivid online communication made long distance relationships an easy way out for those too shy to plunge into the real world of dating. But let’s disagree on that and conclude that any technology that takes away the loneliness has to be a good one!


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