Long Distance relationship– “reminder” gift help!?

Question by ~*~: Long Distance relationship– “reminder” gift help!?
My bf lives in NY and I live in France for the moment. I’m coming home soon to visit and he wants to give me one of his shirts or a hat to keep of his.. and wants something of mine he can hold onto— but what?? Anyone have any ideas?? Thank you!!

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Answer by Rachel M
something with a spray of your perfume on it….like a scarf or something! And a picture of you two ofcourse!

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3 thoughts on “Long Distance relationship– “reminder” gift help!?”

  1. When my fiance went back home to Denmark after visiting me, I gave him my high school class ring to wear around his neck. It wasn’t a girly type ring, so it was okay for him to wear whenever he wanted. You may also consider giving him a stuffed animal that you like or perhaps some of your perfume (this way he can always be reminded of the way you smell).

  2. je te comprends!!!i ve been throught this with my bf!i gave him a ”bracelet” that i had since i was 8 and till now he still has it!so why dont u give him a bracelet or something that means a lot to you so you can show him how much he means to you.
    good luck!

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