Long Distance Relationship – Pros and Cons

Long distance relationships are becoming much more common as lots of people are traveling away for work, study, or reasons past their control. They are no longer rare in today’s society.

Long distance relationships also known as LDRs are intimate relationships where lovers are separated by different places. These relationships are always more likely to fall into misunderstandings. They are full of surprises.

Long distance relationships are progressing slowly, because relationships are developed through conflict and breaking the illusion – couples and long distances do not want to waste their time together fighting. These relationships are difficult due to the creation of a special relationship between the individual takes time and effort. They are difficult to maintain, which requires patience and dedication and a sense of humor. They are never easy, but not impossible. These relationships can work but just need a little more effort and planning. It worked for many people and will continue.


Here are the Pros of why you should put more effort in to them:

• Long-distance relationships can be quite fun if two people live far away for a short period of time is crucial, but also the attitude.

• Long distance relationships can work with the technologies available today for free. These relationships are not easy, but considering the benefits we have today with the Internet and faster shipping, you can keep a long distance relationship so strong and romantic.

• Long distance relationships may actually promote bonding, growth and adulthood.

• Long distance relationships motivate partners improve their communication and therefore enjoy more closeness.

• These relationships provide a balance of independence and dependence.


Here are the Cons of why you might want to put an end to them:

• Separation from a loved one is never easy emotionally, and certainly not desirable.

• Long distance relationships do not work with people who are naive.

• These relationships can be wonderful, but often have a harder time keeping relationships alive than people who live near you.

• These conditions mean that you will be physically alone for long periods.



The first thing you should do is choose if you stay with the relationships or not. Are you prepared to endure this and are you psychologically ready? It’s time for you to become more certain regarding your relationship: Are you just dating, Is it really serious and concerned?

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