Long distance fling or long distance relationship?

Question by Jessica: Long distance fling or long distance relationship?
Guy and girl, both 25, meet on dating site. She lives in Nevada, he lives in Wyoming. They talk off and on for a year or so before she comes to Wyoming to spend a couple weeks with him. They are having a lot of fun and after about a week, he asks her to be his girlfriend. She says yes. He will never leave Wyoming.

All her family is in California and Nevada and she is really close with her family. She is also currently unemployed, and unable to work in her field anywhere but California because she is not yet certified on the national level. The test comes around once a year and is about $ 500. Airfare between NV and WY is between $ 400 and $ 500. She is thinking about moving to Wyoming, but if she does, opportunities in her job field will be very limited. She will not know anyone, and will be completely dependent on him, financially and otherwise. Half the year he has his busy season at work, and is gone frequently and for up to 3 weeks at a time, in addition to working 12-16 hour days when he isn’t gone.

They like each other and had a lot of fun together, but there are so many obstacles. How realistic is it to expect this to work? It won’t work unless someone eventually moves, but is knowing each other only a couple weeks enough to make that happen?

They are talking about her coming out to Wyoming again in mid-January, but have not made plans or bought tickets yet. He took time off work to spend with her this time, but will not be able to do so in January, or take time off to go to Nevada. And with how expensive airfare is and her not having a job… It will get real pricey real fast and he isn’t exactly made of money either.

Also they have been on FB about their “relationship” a bit… he made his picture a picture of the two of them, and she has not made her picture a picture of the two of them, does that mean anything? Neither of them have changed their relationship status from “single” though.

Best answer:

Fling. I don’t see how a relationship could last under those circumstances.

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