Just want your input, “long distance” relationship?

Question by AE50P: Just want your input, “long distance” relationship?
So i got a girlfriend about a month ago and we’ve had an awesome summer, hung out every day, basically had a great time. We both just graduated HS and are going to college. I’m staying in town and shes going to a college about an 75 minutes away. I haven’t brought up the subject of keeping our relationship going directly. However so far, I have thought of our options when the end of August rolls around.
1. Stay together, see each other at least once a week, talk on FB, phone, e-mail whatever
2. “put it on hold” technically a break up. We could see other people but probably end up realizing that we were better for each other in the first place and get back together
3. Break up but stay very close friends, this is very plausible based on our relationship, maybe get back together next summer.
#1 Is my prefered option, yet I’m not sure if that will work. I just want everyone’s opinions on my propossed scenarios. What would work, what wouldn’t, personal experiences, other ways it could go. Thanks a lot.

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Answer by tiga
number 1 if you love her

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7 thoughts on “Just want your input, “long distance” relationship?”

  1. In my personal experience it has NOT worked. BUT i know people that have gotten married after long distance relationships.

    Personally, i am just too jealous 🙂 And if either one of you are, then it will not work!

    Why not just TRY it!

  2. Break up. Unless you’ve been together for a long time (2-3 years) long distance relationships don’t work. Once you get into college it’s a totally different world. No one can have fun when you go to a party while in a long distance relationship. Call it quits and enjoy your college life. Go to parties, meet girls, and just have fun with guilt.

  3. Talk about the options with her and let her know which you prefer. If its number one then great, hopefully you’ll both be able to handle that kind of relationship

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