Is there no coming back from this relationship “break?”?

Question by : Is there no coming back from this relationship “break?”?
My bf and i are long distance. Last night i sent him a message because i saw a pic he was tagged and long story short i accused him of cheating. he wasn’t, it was a joke. i assume he was just tired because thats how all of our fights begin, and he started telling me he wanted to be left alone, and how he thought i trusted him (i do, but i needed to know) and then he tells me he needs a couple weeks to focus on school and to not have to deal with me, so i ask if were over and he said for now, but he was weirdly nice about it saying “it won’t be long i just need to work on school but give me the weeks and it won’t be over long, just please”. What should i do, i don’t want to message him or call because he thinks i’m obsessive, and i know i screwed up by questioning him on being faithful, and i message him daily but i miss him so much and i love him. do you think there is any way we could bounce back after this?

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Answer by Ann
Yes,if you want to.

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2 thoughts on “Is there no coming back from this relationship “break?”?”

  1. Yes he probably just needs to focus and needs to be in a state of mind that does not include some of the stress a relationship can bring. Men can be distracted in such situations so they need to close down for awhile. I would not worry to much about it. It is probably just your insecurity and I can relate to that feeling but it is not founded on any real concern

  2. Maybe if you just show that you still love him, and be there for him, but dont get too obsessive to the point where it scares him away. because it sounds like that was what pushed him away in the first place, if you can show him that you can wait patiently and not obsessively for him, that your more mature than he thinks, he will hopefully start to miss you if he really is the one for you.

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