I Lost Love – What to Do After a Lost Relationship

There are times when I’m sitting drinking tea and reflecting on past relationships, and how I lost love. I have learned from the breakups of the past to become a better person with a better understanding of relationships, and a better concept of love than what I had before.

I can recall losing love in the past and feeling like all hope was gone, as if I had just lost everything, and would never recover. The amazing part is that every time that I felt I had lost love forever, I would find it again. Sometimes it would take a very long time to recover, and other times it wouldn’t. There was no formula for how long it took.

No matter how bad I felt after losing love, I could always later appreciate the ways I had grown from the relationship. It is said that relationships exists to teach us about ourselves. For example, when we see things we want in others, it’s what we want in ourselves. When there are qualities that bother us about others, it reflects upon ourselves as well.

Anyhow – the more I broke up with women and went through the entire painful process, the more I started to realize that just because you lose love does not mean you cannot find it again. Just because you feel so alone does not mean you will be alone forever. You learn from these experiences.

The older we get the more experience we have. Our relationships become anecdotes of our life, and we become more capable of love. If you are currently in a position where you lost love, don’t let it get you down. These are the stories that make us more interesting and more capable of better things down the road.

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