I am wondering who else out there has a succesful “long-distance relationship” story?

Question by : I am wondering who else out there has a succesful “long-distance relationship” story?
My husband and I met online on MySpace. He lived in Connecticut, and i lived in Louisiana. We dated long-distance for a year, and then were married. We were able to spend a grand total of 18 days together before we married. We did talk on the phone non-stop, though. He flew down a month after we met to meet my family, and then i flew with him 5 months later to Florida to meet his family. the next time we saw each other after that was to get married. We are extremely happy together, and have absolutely no regrets, except that we didnt get married sooner.

I would like to hear other stories of succesful long-distance relationships.

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Answer by Chewy
your story sound absolutely crazy but im happy you found your true love!

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2 thoughts on “I am wondering who else out there has a succesful “long-distance relationship” story?”

  1. I met my boyfriend on Yahoo Personnels over 3 years ago-I lived on the west coast and he lived in Jersey. We dated back and forth-him coming to visit me, me coming to visit him, (for about 6 months) until I moved to Jersey-we have been together since and very happy-there is a “happily ever after” for some folks….if its in the universe, its gonna happen….

  2. Well I’m in a long distance relationship now for over 2 1/2 years. I am in California, and he is in Wales. We met in Second Life. I flew over to London this past summer to meet him for the first time, even though we got married in Second Life on January 31, 2005 we only just met on July 19, 2007. We appeared on a TV show in London called “This Morning”, in 3 Major UK Newspapers, and in Multiple Magazines. ITV even did a series of documentary short films on us with 11 episodes in all. We were in the Newsweek International magazine as well. My myspace is http://www.myspace.com/heartshinegirl if you would like to read a bit more about us. Anyways, he is going to be here in 4 days to visit me in California for 26 days. We got engaged on the River Thames in London on July 19, 2007. So far so good. 🙂 We just have a long way to go for fiance visas and all that but this is definitely a long-distance relationship that is going well and even got publicity!

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