How to make a relationship “official”????? THANKS (=?

Question by Taylor: How to make a relationship “official”????? THANKS (=?
we have been dating for over a month. (we have been on 8+ dates)i have met his parents, he has met my parents. i have met all his good friends.
i told him i like him, he told me he likes me. we are both 17 years old.
everyone thinks we’re boyfriend and girlfriend but he hasnt said anything about making it official yet.
i dont want to ask him “what we are”. any advice?? we have so many future plans. hes taking me out to dinner, we’re having dinner at his house with his family, etc.

its sort of getting annoying. my facebook still says single… sooooo yeeaa. i think he thinks we’re bf/gf. but we aint

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Answer by mEh
ASK HIM. honestly, you’ll stay suspended thsi way if you dont ask him where you stand right now. so yea, please. muster the courage. and ASK

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  1. Will…. This really work? Im from CA and shes in AZ, both 18 years old, known eachother for a year now, and shes been overwhealmed from school, work, going to college, and car insurance….. I CANT LOSE HER…… But if you could…. Please…. Im begging you…. if you have the time, message me…. ASAP…

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