How do i make this “relationship” less awkard? please help?

Question by I ♥ you!: How do i make this “relationship” less awkard? please help?
alright so my friend likes this guy, in the grade above us, and his friend(sadly) likes me. well his friend is like really hot, and sweet, but all of his girlfriends have broken up with him because he is to obsessive. well i agreed to go on a double date with him(the guy that likes me), his friend(they guy that my friend likes) and my friend. so we are going to the movies then out to dinner, i thought of it as just of a kind of “get to know you dinner” but no the guy that likes me is already thinking of me as his girlfriend! so how do i like make this dinner and movie less awkard.

1) what are some conversation topics that will not lead to realationships?
2) if he tries to kiss me how do i politely decline without him getting his feelings hurt?
3) what do i do if he just like grabs my hand?

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Answer by Mystery Man
(1) Keep the topic to current events: Football playoffs and the Super Bowl; Haiti; the Senate race in MA for Kennedy’s seat; health care, etc.

(2) Move a hand between your lips and his and him and tell him you think he is a nice guy, but that you don’t want to ruin your friendship with him by getting romantically involved. Guys know this tactic as a polite way of a woman saying she is not interested.

(3) Pull your hand back and pat the top of his hand his hand with yours a few times then put your hand some place out of reach.

I hope things work out for you!

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14 thoughts on “How do i make this “relationship” less awkard? please help?”

  1. Hey people I’m going to tell you the one thing I always tell my friends the worst he could say is no and I know I was so freaked when I asked Miguel out but his sis was like the worst he could say is no and he likes u do I think he will say yes and he did and we have been together 5 weeks

  2. I have 3 crushes and I’m soooooooo confused, Stevie he is a really good friend but he is 16. (I’m 13) Johnathan is also a really good friend but he recently got a girlfriend. And Kyle he is really devilish yet he is understanding and kind to me. I think I will ask out Kyle but I’m really scared to!!!!

  3. @askchauntel
    What if I like a girl and we txt alot but what if I am afraid to talk to her in person? Plz answer me thx bye

  4. Hi Chauntel, these advice videos are a great help. A guy like me is very shy, too nice
    (not doggish and rude enough) and is afraid of rejection. There are a few ladies that are a “person of interest to me” but I want to get to know them better and want to get of the “lets just be friends mode”(although there is nothing wrong with that sometimes).Yes I am a little older but I do need help with the dating situation. Thakns for all you do and God Bless You!!!


  5. My guy friend has told me that he likes me alot, bunch of times but then he does something that makes me think he don’t like me no more… What should I do?

  6. i m in the 7th grade and ive been best friends with a guy im in love with since 5th grade i know he likes me but i dont know how to ask him

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