How do I make our relationship “official”?

Question by Sandrine ☼: How do I make our relationship “official”?
I’ve been seeing a guy for about a month, we’re both in high school, and neither of us is dating anyone else.
I’m wondering if it would even be necessary to have “the talk” about where our relationship is going, but I also don’t want to just go around calling him my boyfriend without his consent.
He’s really shy, and so far I’ve been the one making all the moves (I talked to him first, asked him out, etc.) and even though I can tell that he definitely likes me, there are still some boundaries since neither of us has had much experience with relationships in the past. I’m a bit hesitant to ask him where our relationship stands, partly because I would like for him to take the first step with something, but also because I think it would just be an awkward conversation.
Is it really necessary to talk about this just yet, and if it is, how should I go about doing it? And if not, should we just wait a while longer until we’ve broken down all the barriers, and wait until it’s been a few months where we can pretty much just assume that we’re officially in a relationship?
Obviously I’m pretty clueless, I’d really appreciate some input. Thank you!

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Answer by Asadsdada Asasa
Well, relationships are easy to make but hard to maintain. So, there are a lot of things and hurdles in maintaining the relationships.
Here is a site which might help you in this regard…

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Relationships are getting harder. Not because relationships are getting harder, but because there’s so much more to intrude on the sacred space of love. Mobile phones and TV and laptop computers are one thing – technology, but the real issue is people’s ability to turn-up. It’s getting harder in relationships because people are turning up less. Mums and Dads, lovers and friends are turning up less and therefore wasting incredible opportunities to quality of life and love. Even friends are struggling to share quality time. My Solution, turn up to turn them on.

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