How can we keep things interesting in a temporary “long-distance” relationship?

Question by jumpintheair: How can we keep things interesting in a temporary “long-distance” relationship?
My boyfriend of well over a year is over 10 hours away this summer. I miss and love him so much. How can I deal with the distance and keep our relationship fun and interesesting and close. We talk every day and night on the phone but I keep wanting more. It is not possible for either of us to visit each other. Any ideas, thoughts, or words of encouragement are welcome 🙂
Thanks for the responses! I have done this with him before, but under different circumstances (Last summer I was able to see him, but he left the country for a month and I had absolutely no contact with him. Ouch!) I know I can get through this. But thanks for all the words of encouragement, they really do help! I’m mostly just looking for thing we could do “together” other than talking on the phone. Thanks guys!

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Answer by sexciimamii18
I’ve been through what you’re going through now :). Does your bf have a computer with him? Can he send letters? Talking on the phone will only make you want to see him again. Try to send letters to each other either online or by mail. Letters in the mail are quite interesting and fun since you’re using your own handwriting and it doesn’t seem bland! Flirt with him and tease him. This makes a conversation really fun. Also, you can try playing online games with each other through MSN. You can talk through web cams/mics online which will enhance that boring on the phone talking (MSN and Yahoo messengers are great for this). If you aren’t able to do that then I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait until he comes back :(. Long distance relationships are extremely hard. As long as you’re committed and keep contact it will be ok. Yes, it will get really boring just ‘talking’ on the phone. What else can you do besides that? I wish you the best and hope everything works out for you 🙂

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2 thoughts on “How can we keep things interesting in a temporary “long-distance” relationship?”

  1. Love can concur all! Imagine how the spouses felt when they went away to war and didn’t know if they would ever come home. That is the mentality that I used to survive at first until I was strong enough to be on my own.
    I started doing things that I wouldn’t normally have done, I designed and cooked new things & wrote the recipe down and sent it to him to try out. I did a lot of reading, gardening(growing my own herbs & veggies). I read craft books and found new things to make, I did part-time hobby classes, I made new friends, I did anything I could do to pass the time away.
    I didn’t have any family to spend time with so I found other families with kids to join in with. The one thing I know for certain was that he would be back and that thought alone made me feel better when my days were dark. I had days of being down and very lonely, on those days I made sure that I talked to him on the telephone.
    My main idea was to see how much I could achieve each day as I counted the days down. I found that absence made my heart grow stronger. I knew that the day he came home he would be mine. I told him that the next time he did it I was coming too. He never did it again thank goodness.
    I believe that it made our relationship stronger. Nothing could ever pull us apart except for each other.
    Think of him and how much you love him. Do things that will benefit the relationship for when he comes home, use this time to strengthen your weakness. It works and makes some of the days fly past.

  2. Well, since my fiance’ and I are in this same situation, I can help you out. We still try to do a date night. Yes, that’s right, we do a date night over the phone.

    We pick a movie we want to see and insert in dvd player at same time and watch the movie together. Takes a minute to sync up the movies sometimes, but it isn’t difficult and we can still do something together.
    I have a netflix account and with the Watch it Instantly feature, we can pick movies to watch that way too. (You can even surprise the other by ordering them a pizza or chinese food before the movie starts too. That way you can have dinner AND a movie)

    Also, we like to play computer games. Like the Mysteryville Hidden Object Games. Go to and pick out a game together. You only need one account to do this. The other person can download the same game by logging into the one account going to the Purchase History and download the game and play together.

    Having a date night long distance, takes a bit of creativity, but it can be done and it is time spent together. Shows effort on both parts too. In a couple months we will be married and finally together, but til then, this is what we have when we are not able to visit.

    Best of luck to you and I hope I have helped you and others in the same situation.

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