Help with long distance relationship!”!!!!”!?

Question by Shawn: Help with long distance relationship!”!!!!”!?
Okay, well i met this girl online and have not met her yet in person. We have comitted ourselves as in a relationship and have completely fallen for eachother, and talk for hours on the phone and on msn. there is nothing we dont like about eachother. We are both desparte to meet up but she lives 80 miles from me, and i cant get out to see her and she cant get out to see me. If my parents find out that i have commited myself to a girl who lives that far away they would go crazy and think im a complete idiot. I dont know what to do?
I could wait until i have passed my driving test then go and see her but i have only just started and it will probs take a while before i pass. I have just turned 17, she has just turned 15. how i could go about this whole ordeal? any suggestions?

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Answer by theaccentgirl
I am 24 right now but when I was 20 I met this guy on the internet, I am from Guatemala and he is Canadian, we as well as you fell in love and went crazy, talking on the phone (imagine that bill) everyday and chatting for hours everyday too until we decided we needed to meet. We flew to the US so that we could meet in a place between the two countries and once we saw each other we knew we wanted to be together. Now we are married and have a baby and live happily. All I want to say is if you really like this girl find a way to make it work, and it will happen. I had to lie to my parents and say I was traveling by myself in a tour in order to come meet my guy, but it was so worth it. Now, I dont think that was good but they would have gone crazy if I told them the truth. Just make sure it’s a girl for sure and not an old man trying to get young guys…

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【Kagamine Len】The Bird That Crosses The Stars【English subs】

星を渡る鳥 / hoshi o wataru tori The Bird That Crosses the Stars Nico source: Music / Lyrics: Nem Art / Video: Tama Violin: Shun Chorus: Nata Mix / Mastering: madamxx MP3 download: (click MP3 を抽出) —————————————————- ROMAJI: kono sora no hate ni mukashi mukashi, koko to yoku nita inochi ni afureru hoshi ga atta to iu hito wa yokubou ni obore yagate sekai wa iki o suru no o yameta nagai, nagai toki ga nagare kikoeta no wa anata ga, anata ga watashi o yobu koe watashi wa tori ni nari tooku, tooku habataiete yuku iku sen no hoshi o koe anata no moto e karada wa moetsuki hai ni natte kiete itte mo kokoro wa toki o koe yakusoku no basho e tobu jibun no sugata mo omoidasezu kasuka na jiga wa dare ni mo miezu nagai, nagai toki ga nagare tadori tsuita anata ga, anata ga machi tsuzuketa hoshi kimi to boku ga umareta basho koko ni onaji namae o tsukeyou futari no kokoro wa hitotsu ni nari, hikari ni natta subete no inochi ga mata umareru you ni onaji ayamachi o mou ni do to wa okasanai you watashi wa ai no uta koko de utai tsuzukeru —————————————————- TRANSLATION NOTES: “A long, long time passes” / nagai, nagai toki ga nagare The first time, the kanji used for ‘nagai’ is 長い and the second is 永い. The second implies a stronger emphasis on just how goddamn long Len has been travelling. “I can’t recall the shape of it, either. It’s a far-off existence visible no one
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    Has anyone seen Chobits?
    If they ever make those in real life.. They need to make vocaloid Series..With volume setting.
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    O.o…. Well, this IS len kagamine so why shoudl I be suprised??

  3. Len: Hey rin! Can you help me with my new costume for this song?
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    Len: RIN YOU ARE SO- Hey…. it looks cool!

    XD I love Len’s outfit!

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