help whats happening here…am i the only one in this relationship?

Question by : help whats happening here…am i the only one in this relationship?
i am going mad! i am 23,i have never been in a serious relationship..long story short my dads drinking and my folks’s bad marriage influenced me during my teen years to be anti love and not trust or believe in anything.i’v been with men …just friend with benefits and have never gotten emotionally attached or expected anything out of “men”.
been doing a bit of soul searching and just decided to finally believe in something for the first time(i hate it when ppl think they are in love or have a relationship when they just are selfish and superficial ) i met this guy from another city ..we’v been dating since we met(knew him online for 3 years andwe were good friends)
i knew all about his exexex gf who cheated on him and went to another country…that used to be the topic of our convo when we were friends…i was his “agony aunt”. they broke up 3 years ago…no doubt there still best friends understandable ….but i still get the feeling hes still not over her.
also been through his ex who look like the exexex’s twin…(that is wierd)

now its been 9 months….i have cut ties or told my”lovers” abt him…its my mission to make this right…for it to be something meaningful…but its just been wierd offlate…we keep in touch through phones and msgs…i know he wont cheat physically…its just i dont know if hes still not over the exexex! they had a fling just a week b4 i came into the picture. theres a constant love hate thing going on between them….and and i just feel that that is dectating his state of mind …
he constantly talks abt her…about the old times..keeps listening to sulky songs and sulk about her…just generally …but u dont constantly talk about ur exs in front of ur currant gf…its just basic manners..i never did that abt my “lovers” …i’v completly changed as a person…from sleeping around to like a devoted gf…that too in a long distance…we dont talk about “feelings: he calles me a psycho when i do….no ilove yous….he likes ppl to think hes single…he talks to a lota chicks though i know they are platonic…mostly ..but flirts online…he tells me its harmless…ihey i am not a saint..but there just a sense of disregard and carelessness ….he completly avoids “relationship”talks ..this is ludacris!!
i just feel like hes just making me hang around…and i am for the first time emotionaly vulnerable and feel love sick ….i am so confused..i dont know wht i should do…i cant think straight…i have never done this b4 ..i have totally lost myself in this!

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One thought on “help whats happening here…am i the only one in this relationship?”

  1. seems like he just wants you to be a fcuk buddy to me… because he wants you to be just available and that’s all… but dont want you to get attached to him and stuff.. find self confidence and tell him to walk on…he’s just using you and dont respect you..

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