Free And Cheap Communication Methods To Help Long-Distance Relationships


Long-distance relationships are tough for both of those involved. With many opting for a yearly vacation that involves travelling to each persons location, this can prove a costly measure for many that live at the other side of the world.

So whenever options exist that can help improve communication, at no extra cost is something that can and will make a difference. As relationships must be built and worked on to remain alive. So what are the limitations that exists today?

There are several factors that must be taken into account, before voyaging into the wonderful world of connectivity, with the most important being internet access. To be able to communicate extensively and with ease it’s vital that both parties have easy access to the internet. With the ideal situation being both from a PC and mobile device, with access to broadband speeds.

It is easy for everyone to simply text or call from their own landline or mobile phone but unfortunately these options are very expensive and may place time restrictions and only make each experience of communication not the most exciting as possible. Also adding cost as a major distraction.

So let’s discuss the available free and low cost options that exist, enabling easy access to those you love all around the world:


Email has become the epitome of internet communication. Even the slowest of internet connections can help produce an online letter that is not only endless on why you are missing each other, but also include images and attachments. This can be continued with access to a smartphone and can be considered very effective and much much cheaper than texting, especially with access to a Wi-Fi connection.

Voice over Internet Protocol

To move a step further from email to voice over internet protocol (VoIP), this handy communication tool enables not only free calls over an internet access, including WI-FI. But also acts as a video-calling tool. Provided each person has access to a webcam and the internet then face-to-face calls can be made.

This handy software once downloaded onto a mobile phone can also be used to carry out free calls over a 3G connection or Wi-FI. Many popular VoIP services are Skype and Viber to name a few.

International Calling cards and Access Numbers

To help provide an alternative for calling when there is little access to the internet, there is also international calling cards and access numbers. These have improved over the years and can provide relatively cheap calls to Spain, USA, China and many other countries. It would be wise to scout each company and to find the best prices for the exact country.

The process this is very simple, international calling cards can work by simply topping up a prepay card. This will give the flexibility of controlling the amount being spent. With cheap rates that are much better than current providers can offer. Online access numbers work similarly, except your service provider will charge you for the call, as it’s the call to each access number that is being charged.

Regardless of the distance, ensure to maximise these options and never pay expensive costs to communicate with those you love on a daily basis. 

Harvey McEwan writes about many different topics, providing tips for making long-distance calls and how to achieve cheap calls to Spain, USA, Germany and many other countries worldwide.

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