Does it sound like this guy likes me, or am I imagining it?

Question by : Does it sound like this guy likes me, or am I imagining it?
I’m really, really dense when it comes to knowing if a guy likes me! I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of signals this one guy is sending and I just have no idea… Can you help me?

I met this guy a couple of months ago when I started college. He’s a couple of years ahead of me and we don’t have any classes together, but we’ve sat together at the cafeteria and talked a number of times. I really, really like him. We like a lot of the same things and have a lot of the same values also.

He’s very social and outgoing, and I am not, and we kinda have different circles of friends so he doesn’t spend a whole lot of time with me. But every time we see each other he gives me a hug. Now, he hugs all the girls, lol, but I don’t know if he hugs them all the way he does me? (He’s not a player, he is in fact a strong Christian no-sex-until-marriage type of guy, but is very touchy-feely and likes hugs.) He gives me really long tight hugs… like last night he must’ve hugged me for 7 to 10 seconds, lol, and with both arms. Not sure if this kind of hug means he might be interested or not. Also, I had my hair down (I usually wear it up) and after the hug he was kinda touching/playing with it. That might mean nothing though, because my hair is really long and lots of people like to touch it, not sure why, haha.

I had a boyfriend (long distance), with whom I am now broken up. As I was in the process of breaking up with him my Facebook relationship status went from “in a relationship” to “single” back to “in a relationship” during the course of about eight hours. The new guy asked me about that a couple of days after the fact: “so, what was up with your status changes?” We got to talking a little bit about relationships. He’s single, and says he’s not sure if he wants to date anymore – I take it he’s had some bad experiences with girls in the past. He told me that on-and-off relationships like mine are no good and said that he didn’t want to see a friend of his in a bad relationship, then added, “not that I’m trying to get you to break up with him.”

I dunno… sometimes I think I’m getting “that” vibe from him, and sometimes I think I’m imagining it because it’s what I want. What do you think?

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that guy likes you

answer my question?

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One thought on “Does it sound like this guy likes me, or am I imagining it?”

  1. Every guys different and do different things to the girls they like but tbh i dont think it sounds like he’s interested in a relationship with you for whatever reason or he would have given more signals.

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