Do long distance relationships last long?

Question by Troll Exterminator: Do long distance relationships last long?
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I got back from a cruise and met some people around the same age as me. So anyway there were these 2 kids (both 15) who were really close friends and ended up being boyfriend and girlfriend. One lives in CA the other lives in NC. It’s been 5 days and they’re “still together”. The guy claims that he will meet his gf when he gets his car. Isn’t that a bit ambitious? How long do these “cruise relationships” (or any long distance relationships) last?

It’s kind of sad for me because I’m good friends with these people, I don’t want their relationship to ruin our friendship.

Answers appreciated, thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Toad Girl
It probly wont last.

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4 thoughts on “Do long distance relationships last long?”

  1. um yeah.
    I’m in one, it’s been on and off, for the first time, lasted 2 months.
    2nd time, lasted 6.
    and this is the third time…
    I guess it depends on the flexibility

  2. Sometimes it does work and sometimes it doesnt as long as they trust each other and know each other and also communicate everyday they should be fine

  3. It doesnt last and Im proof my boyfriend lived in San diego and I in Orange County, we drifted apart.. C’est la vie.. Its just that the communication isnt there. and as they say out of sight out of mind…. 🙁

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