Do long distance relationships ever work?

Question by : Do long distance relationships ever work?
my boyfriend is going away to another state for university, we’ll stay in contact through facebook, texting and calls. The thing is back when I was 14 I was in my first relationship and just talked to him over the phone, he eventually got new friends and had a life that I was holding him back from because I wanted him to stay and talk to me every day for hours. Needless to say it broke off and I haven’t seen nor heard from him since. So I have a bad feeling about “long distance relationships” help?

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Answer by kelsss
just depends from person to person. i’m not gonna say it’s never worked, but its rare. all i can say is that if its meant to be , than it will be…no matter what. trust is tha MVP in a long distance relationship…bc you can love that person all you want but if you don’t trust them it’s never going to work. good luck though..

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  1. Depends on you n your boyfriend. I mean I’ve been in a long distance relationship for 4 years now. It’s actually easier now a days to handle a long distance relation. Use skype. You guys can talk everyday… Just respect each other’s schedule… And know that you both love each other! You might have to trust each other blindly as well… Have a talk with him about whether he really wants to… Trust me it can work!

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