a passive and non passive partner relationship?

Question by [t].spoon: a passive and non passive partner relationship?
k so here it is, me and my girlfriend ages 17 and 18, both love each other very much. but shes the passive type, and i’m the total opposite. now since shes so passive, there are barely any problems that will bother her, she won’t be as open as me and it feels like sometimes i’m not feeling her love. now the thing is shes going on vaction to the usa for one week, and the thing i fear the most is losing her. now i know she’d never cheat on me, and i have talked to her about it, she said that if some guy tried to hit on her or anything, she’d say “i can’t do long distance relationships.” and all that, but she never mentioned that she was single, i had to point that out. but what troubles me is that it seems like she wouldn’t stop herself from liking the person. so my question is, how do you deal with that?
thnking that she’ll be liking someone in another country? how can i make myself feel so okay with it, i don’t even have to worry a single little bit about it?

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Answer by yaknow2
MAKE her say the response youre looking for that will make you feel secure. obviously, you get bad vibes from her response. tell her HONESTLY that you hoped for a different response from her..that hers wasnt what you wanted to hear, that it still leaves you feeling insecure and worried.

tell her to say the exact words that would make you feel secure. give her the words and ask her to repeat them.

hope that helps!!! doubtful

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