5 Tips to Make a Long Distance Relationship Stronger

Going on a long distance relationship can be a challenge that’s just tough to conquer. Couples, unlike friends, need some intimacy to keep their relationship happy and healthy which is why it is important to see and be with each other as often as both of you can do. But of course, there are so many things that can come in between and force both of you to endure some distance and make it harder to physically be with each other. But keeping a long distance relationship does not mean you can’t make it stronger. Here are some nice tips you can use if you are in one.

1. Make only the promises which you can keep – When you are away from each other, emotions tend to overrule your mind and the chance you get to talk with each other might fuel you to say things you might not regret to have said later on. Should you really want to make a promise, make sure it is something that you can keep and do regardless of what it was – especially if it involves writing to the other person or seeing them again physically.


2. Plan your visits accordingly – Long distance relationships are strengthened by the willingness to see each other in person despite the distance and the clashing schedules. Amidst these difficulties, you and your partner can surely find time to make both ends meet and eventually get to see each other finally. Should you want to do it as a surprise, just make sure that you won’t be there on a bad timing or when your partner is someplace else. Always coordinate and update with each other to make sure your planned visits can push through.

3. Send gifts – Since you cannot always be there for your special someone, it would be best to send gifts any which way you can. It does not have to be that there’s a special occasion which is why you are sending them a gift. It can be as simple as missing them or finding an item that reminds you of your loved one. Sometimes, the best presents are those which are sent without any occasion at all. You might also want to give them a gift from a place you visited as your souvenir for them and to let them know that you would have wanted to visit the place with them.

4. Schedule your calls with each other – Nothing beats seeing each other even on videos or simply hearing the other person’s voice through the phone. If you are within differing time zones, you should definitely make planned calls to make sure you get to speak with each other.

5. Find time to write – There would always be something sweet with reading something from your loved one. These days, writing is made easier because the internet lets your message come through in just a few clicks.

Long distance relationships may be a challenge but it is a worth it challenge. If you are able to get through it still very much in love with each other, then you have just emerged from one of the hardest test any couples may be able to face.

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24 thoughts on “5 Tips to Make a Long Distance Relationship Stronger”

  1. I met my “special someone” online 7 years ago, when i was 15, he was 23. At first we built up a friendship and there was an instant attraction. It eventually grew to love. We still haven’t actually met in person but are planning on it in the next 6 months. We have survived everything, sure we’ve argued, we’ve been jealous of each other and even stopped talking for a month here or there. But we are each others best friend and i wouldnt have it any other way. I truly do beleive he is my soul mate

  2. it must be so funny for you to look back at this video… funny in a weird way, cause you look back at that version of yourself who could have never imagined all that happened.
    at least that’s how I feel looking back at my vids, after having been in a relationship with another youtuber for a while. although you guys are lasting longer than we did, so you should tell me what’s the secret for that πŸ˜‰

  3. hej hummmm I just found ur vid… I’m actually in a LD relationship with my bf… and we met on the internet…. we’ve been dating for a year so far and I for me it has been like hell (talking about sex) but besides that I wouldn’t change what I have with him for anything else in the whole world… since we’re away and therefore not making love all the time we have came to know each other very well… we spend about 3 hours per day talking on the phone and it’s been amazing- ran out of charactrs

  4. I believe friends with benefits can work along with a long-distance relationship, at least for some people. You and your boyfriend need to agree to the boundaries and be ready to talk about complex feelings that will probably come up. If you and your boyfriend treat the arrangement as a chance to grow and find out more about each other. Ask yourself, “what would make my boyfriend feel really good about this situation?” And then do that. You are both very smart. You’ll figure it out.

  5. I don’t think long-distance relationship is a good thing.You’ll just end up hurting yourself or your lover,or both.You deserve better,your boyfriend deserves better.If you can hold it off until you see him again,do it (cause then the sex will be MIND-BLOWING since you two haven’t seen each other for awhile).But if you can’t and you wanna fuck around then just take a little break.That’s just my opinion,I don’t like open relationships.

  6. No, don’t be in a relationship and having other guys on the side! You’ll just hurt yourself and Deihl… Long-distance relationships don’t usually work (I’ve never had one, but close friends of mine have), but I really really really hope yours does work!

  7. I begun to chat with a boy on the internet. I felt like I liked him. To or three days later we met, and around one week later we get together. So now, hes my boyfriend πŸ™‚
    But if the person you like is in another country its like… HARD.

  8. this is probably your best video .. you seem to be the realest in this…. and the subject is interesting.
    I think long distance relationships don’t work out (based on no actual experience) but if you want them to, you can’t be having a “friends with benefits” kind of relationship during it.
    I hope it works out for you and Diehl.

  9. long distance.. does work? well ur not with me so, hmm , no. Friends with benifits. Yea go get one! jus make sure to strap up πŸ˜‰

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